Monday, July 6, 2009

The Foolish Scorchers, Part II

2. As they swept on they gayly laughed,
And thought by sudden spurt.
To clear the toll-gate like a shot,
And do the keeper "dirt."

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune, 12 July 1896


  1. You might enjoy this electronic copy of “The Bicycle, Its Selection, Riding and Care” by L. F. Korns 1892. It’s an operators manual of sorts for ladies and gents who have the new “Safety Bicycle”.

    Here’s the link:

    My how things have changed!
    Great start on your new blog, I'm enjoying OBB as well. Jack

  2. Hi Jack, thanks for the link. That's great stuff! Your comment reminds me that I should post the final installments of The Foolish Scorchers.


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