Sunday, April 5, 2009

You're doing another blog why?

Wellsir, this blog is a sort of sibling endeavor to my Old Bike Blog, which, god-bless-it, is all about old bikes, and I just won't have it cluttered up with a lot of unrelated stuff. I do post there sometimes about non-old-bike things, but I try to keep those to a minimum. Here I hope to have a more congenial space to wax pointless about everything from helmets to hand brakes, from cargo to car-free. I don't expect I'll be posting here very frequently, but I've got a few ideas a-brewin', and I'll keep it updated more-or-less regularly.

Fair warning: this is going to be a wordy blog, full of complete sentences, respectable syntax, decent grammar, and even a fair vocabulary. I'll try to throw in a photo or an image every so often, but by-gar, this isn't a blog for people afraid to commit more than 30 seconds to a post. Remember reading? It's what people did -- sometimes -- before the Internet. You know, during commercial breaks. 

You won't be seeing ads, endorsements, reviews, or any other such distractions. Google keeps wanting me to "Monetize" my blogs, and I just can't think of an uglier way to say it. But that's just me. What you will find here, simply, are my reflections on bicycles, which in my considered opinion, remain among the most revolutionary, beautiful, and effective devices at our disposal, even after more than one hundred years. Seeing bicycles through my eyes, I hope, will encourage and inspire others to make them a bigger part of their lives.

Enjoy it please, and visit as often as you like.


  1. Subscribed and looking forward to your thoughts...

    I wish I'd thought of a name like that...

  2. Good luck with the new endeavor Thom. Don't know how you find the time.

  3. Looking forward to reading your posts...

    I hope I live to see a time when the world is "awheel" again.

  4. Build it and they will come! OK, build it and I will. You caught me with 'reading'. : )

  5. This ability to diverge and have another outlet is GREAT. Ar eyou back from Chit Town yet?

  6. @ Will: Yeah, I was back last week when I made the posts on the OBB. It was just a quick trip. Is "Chit Town" a typo on "Chi Town," or a subtle commentary on the city? I think I like it as the latter.

    @ Others: thanks for coming over and for the kind words! I'm thinking maybe a post a week? If I have anything to say, that is.

  7. Just when I think I've found all the good bike blogs, I trip across this. I'm liking it so far; keep it up.

  8. This is a great idea,and I look forward to reading it! As often as you write (I don't look at bike stuff for the pics only,but "for the articles" too :p)


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